Thursday, February 16, 2006

Food Court Is In Session!

The verdict is in. Today, I had THE best food court meal ever. I'm talking about a new place in the TD Centre food court called MB Co. - La Boulangerie de Montreal. Now, I admit, I had intended to go to Quizno’s for a sub, but as always, the line-up was absolutely huge and I really didn’t feel like waiting twenty minutes for my food. As I walked past Quizno’s, I noticed this new place right at the back of the food court – MB Co. It’s a very bright, clean looking restaurant; all the walls and tables are white, and the menu was unusual for a food court restaurant. This is not a place I’d eat at every day, as my lunch came to just under $25, but it was certainly a breath of fresh air after countless burgers, rice-and-two-items combos, and slices of pizza.

I had the Lobster & Shrimp Quesadillas with Aged Cheddar and Caper Berry Salsa, a very nice White Chocolate Cheesecake and a bottle of iced tea. Lobster and Capers and Shrimp, oh my! Put simply, the food was excellent. The sandwich was made fresh when I ordered it, and was delivered to me in an attractive display box with the salsa and some herbed mayonnaise. The cheesecake was similarly packaged, and came with fresh berries and a tasty fruit sauce.

The service was pretty good. The place was packed, but the line seemed to move fairly quickly, and my food didn’t take that long to get to me. The staff were all very friendly, especially the big guy at the ‘to go’ counter. He asked me what I’d ordered, and when I told him, he assured me that I’d made an excellent choice, and said that I was “really gonna enjoy your sandwich”. Tasty food and service with a smile – that’s all that anyone can ask for.

I felt a little self-conscious taking pictures of my food while sitting in the middle of the food court, but if my friend Rob can do it while eating at Canoe, I can certainly handle the scrutiny while in the food court. Besides, the lighting is better than in my kitchen.

Later that day....

Above I mentioned the "big guy at the 'to go' counter" who was so friendly. Turns out this is Giovanni Prioriello, a partner in the company, and the proprietor of the TD Centre MB Co. Now I know where the rest of the staff get their friendly attitude. Cheers!

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