Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I love risotto. Loooove it. I was introduced to this Italian ambrosia by a friend of mine a year or so ago, but I hadn't attempted to make it myself until just last week. I found a tasty-looking recipe for Mushroom Risotto, ventured to the local Grocery Palace to attain the needed ingredients, and had a go. Now, the recipe called for SEVEN cups of chicken stock for 1 1/2 cups of arborio rice. This seemed a little excessive to me, so I checked with my aforementioned friend. He assured me that four cups of stock should be enough, but that it was really not such a big deal, as I could just use water if more liquid was needed after I ran out of stock.

This particular recipe calls for the mushrooms to be sauted in cognac and heavy cream, and boy, does that ever make for some tasty mushrooms.

I had been informed that this is not a difficult dish to make, it's just time-consuming and involves a LOT of stirring. Yes, well, I thought I was getting carpal-tunnel syndrome from working at a computer all day, but that's got nothing on stirring rice for 25 minutes straight.

Happily, my hand didn't fall off, and I ended up with a big pile of rather tasty, and very creamy risotto.

Thanks to Elise at Simply Recipes! for the recipe.

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